Personal Yoga Lessons

The wisdom of yoga at your pace

Originally, yoga was taught by a teacher who worked with people on a one to one basis. The lesson would be tailored specifically to the needs of the person, their health, body type and lifestyle. Although group yoga classes are now the most popular way of learning yoga, this doesn't suit everyone. If you're interested in a personalized approach, then private yoga classes could be for you.

Private yoga lessons are ideal if you:

- would like a personal plan to improve your health and wellbeing
- are a beginner who wants to learn the basics before joining a group class
- are someone who is recovering from an illness or has a health condition
- would like to explore yoga at your own pace
- are not comfortable in group settings
- are very busy, find it hard to fit in a regular class and want to practise yoga at a time to suit you
- would like to take your practice to a deeper level and incorporate yoga philosophy and psychology
- would like to treat yourself or someone else to a gift of yoga

Every person is unique, each time they step on the mat, so every private yoga session is different and tailored to your needs, at that moment in time.

Personal yoga lessons  are scheduled for approximately 60 minute each, at a frequency of your choice.

Sessions include:

- Mindful movement (strength, stretch, balance, focus and power)

- Restorative Yoga
- Breathing practices
- Mindfulness & meditation
- Mudra (hand movements) & Mantra (affirmations)
- Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)



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