Consultancy & Courses

corporate consultancy and training based in the neuroscience of meditation

heart and brain coherence and creative solutions

courses and yoga teacher-training based on the traditional Indian knowledge of yoga, vedanta and ayurveda

meditation and yoga coaching for improvement of athletes and sports enthusiasts

If you have a company or a yoga studio, I can bring the trainings, courses and services to you


Improvement and Presence for Athletes

Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Meditation and Yoga for Athletes who want the next level

A special program developed for the expansion of power and endurance. The techniques that include also meditation, are developed for prevention of injuries, for stretching and increasing strength of the muscles and breathing education, resulting in more awareness of body-mind and better performances.

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Corporate Training/ Consultancy

Heart and Brain Coherence/ Neuroscience of Meditation/ Creative Results

This program is based in ancient techniques of meditation explained with the concepts of neuroscience and epigenetics. The method has an inside-out approach developing, in each individual, a sense of cooperation, self awareness, self empowerment, and a sense of wholeness. All this will result in increased engagement, greater creativity, productivity and ultimately improved business results.


from history of yoga to daily life

A workshop that clarifies the history of this ancient science and awakens in the student more motivation and awareness for their yoga practice and daily life as well.

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ayurveda for beginners

A beautiful and ancient knowledge dating back to 2000 before Christ. Ayurveda is known as the science of life. In this workshop we will bring simple concepts and recipes to be easily adapted to everyday life.

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